OnTheMove Academy 2017: program

Monday 23 October



OTM Registration, 08:00-09:00


OTM Keynote, 09:00-10:00: 


Coffee break, 10:00-10:15


Welcome and introduction, 10:15-10:30

by Erich Neuhold


A doctorate: challenges and rewards, 10:30-10:50

by Erich Neuhold


Evaluating Computer Science Research Contributions, 10:50-11:20

by Maria-Esther Vidal (via videolink)


Scientific writing: a skill to be trained and maintained, 11:20-11:35

by Peter Spyns


paper session 1, 11:35-12:35

          Chaired by Peter Spyns

 * Faruk Hasić: (KULeuven) Developing a Quality Framework for Integrated Process-Decision Modelling and Mining


Lunch, 12:35-13:35


Paper session 2, 13:35-15:35

Chaired by Peter Spyns


* Dries Couckuyt (University of Ghent): Challenges and Research Avenues for Green Business Process Management


* Sven Vermeulen (University of Ghent): Real-time business process model tailoring: the effect of domain knowledge on reading strategy


Coffee break, 15:35-16:00


Poster session, 16:00-16:45

Chaired by Josepha Kumpfmueller


How to review and not to review, 16:45-17:05

by  Peter Spyns


Paper improvement session, 17:05-17:55

Chaired by Erich Neuhold


Conclusions and farewell, 17:55-18:00

by Erich Neuhold



OTM Welcome reception, 19:00-20.00

Surprise activity, 20:00-23:30