C&TC 2017: program

Mon 23 Oct    


08:00-10:00    registration


10:00-10:15    coffee


10:15-10:30    opening session


10:30-12:30    SECURITY MODELING
Session chair: Claudio Ardagna


Property Preserving Encryption in NoSQL Wide Column Stores
Tim Waage, Lena Wiese


Gibbon: An Availability Evaluation Framework For Distributed Databases
Daniel Seybold, Christopher B. Hauser, Simon Volpert, Jörg Domaschka


On the verification of software vulnerabilities during static code analysis using data mining techniques (SHORT PAPER)
Foteini Cheirdari, George Karabatis


Towards a JSON-based Fast Policy Evaluation Framework (SHORT PAPER)
Hao Jiang, Ahmed Bouabdallah


12:30-14:00     Lunch


14:00-15:30     CLOUD AND BIG DATA
Session chair: Adrian Belmonte


A Novel WebGIS-based Situational Awareness Platform for Trustworthy Big Data - Integration and Analytics in Mobility Context
Susanna Bonura, Giuseppe Cammarata, Rosolino Finazzo, Giuseppe Francaviglia, Vito Morreale


Locality-Aware GC Optimisations for Big Data Workloads
Duarte Patrício, Rodrigo Bruno, José Simão, Paulo Ferreira, Luís Veiga


FairCloud: Truthful Cloud Scheduling with Continuous and Combinatorial Auctions
Artur Fonseca, José Simão, Luís Veiga


15:30-16:00    Coffee


19.00    Welcome reception