EI2N 2017: program


Wed 25 Oct  


08:00-09:00    registration


09:00-10:00    KEYNOTE | Stephen Mellor, Industrial Internet Consortium, CTO

“Evolution of the Industrial Internet of Things: Preparing for Change”


10:00-10:30    Coffee


10:30-12:30    PANEL | Internet-of-Anything – Connected or not connected, that is the question!

Chair: Hervé Panetto


Panelists (to be confirmed): Stephen Mellor (IIC), Markus Lanthaler (Google), Ronald Stamper (University of Twente), Michael Brodie (CSAIL, MIT), Georg Weichart (Profactor), Mike Papazoglou, (ERISS), Walid Gaaloul (TELECOM SudParis), Adrian Paschke (FUB), Hans Weigand (Tilburg SEM), Nick Bassiliades, (University of Thessaloniki), Claudio Ardagna (Universita' degli Studi di Milano), Nils Gruschka (FH Kiel), Liang Zhang (Fudan University)


12:30-14:00     lunch


14:00-16:00     EI2N Session 1: Enterprise Perspective

Session chair: Wided Guédria


1.    An ontology-based approach supporting enterprise interoperability,
Mahdi Zouch, Wided Guédria, Riadh Ben Halima


2.    Rethinking of Framework and Constructs of Enterprise Architecture and Enterprise Modelling Standardized by ISO 15704, 19439 and 19440,
Qing Li, Iotong Chan, Qianlin Tang, Hailong Wei, Yudi Pu


3.    Hybrid Production-System Control-Architecture for Smart Manufacturing,


4.    Model based, modular configuration of cyber physical systems for the information management on shop-floor,
Frank-Walter Jaekel, Jan Torka, Martin Eppelein, Wolf Schliephack, Thomas Knothe


15:30-16:00    coffee


18:00-19:00   PRE-BANQUET KEYNOTE | Ronald Stamper

"Semiotics and BREXIT"

20:00    Conference dinner

Thu 26 Oct    


08:00-09:00    registration


09:00-10:00    KEYNOTE | Michael Brodie, CSAIL, MIT

"On Data, The World’s Most Valuable Resource, and Data Science"


10:00-10:30    coffee


10:30-12:30    EI2N Session 2: Human Perspective

Session chair: Qing Li


1.    Digital Connected Production: Wearable Manufacturing Information Systems,
Stefan Schönig, Stefan Jablonski, Andreas Ermer, Ana Paula Aires Silva


2.    A User-Centered Perspective on Interoperability: Capturing Stakeholder Interaction Mediating Design,
Christian Stary, Claudia Kaar


3.    Interoperability for Human-Centered Manufacturing,
Magnus Åkerman, Åsa Fast-Berglund


4.    Interoperable Process Design in Production Systems,
Georg Weichhart, Christian Stary


12:30-14:00     lunch


14:00-16:30 EI2N Workshop Café

“Interoperable Cyber Physical Enterprise System: from a singular system to the enterprise system of systems, a convergence”


16:30-17:00    Coffee


17:00-18:00 SEMI-PLENARY | Workshop Café summary and Special Joint Semi-Plenary session with CoopIS, EI2N and ICSP
“Interoperable Cyber Physical Enterprise System: from a singular system to the enterprise system of systems, a convergence”