Siani Pearson, Hewlett-Packard Laboratories, UK


"Privacy and the Cloud"





Cloud computing offers a huge potential both for efficiency and new business opportunities (especially in service composition), and is almost certain to deeply transform our IT. However, the convenience and efficiency of this approach comes with a range of potential privacy and security risks. Indeed, a key barrier to the widespread uptake of cloud computing is the lack of trust in clouds by potential customers. This concern is shared by experts: the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA)'s cloud computing risk assessment report states "loss of governance" as a top risk of cloud computing, and "data loss or leakages" is one of the top seven threats the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) lists in its Top Threats to Cloud Computing report.

In this talk I will assess how privacy, security and trust issues occur in the context of cloud computing and explain how complementary regulatory, procedural and technical provisions can be used to help address these issues. In particular, accountability is likely to become a core concept in both the cloud and in new mechanisms that help increase trust in cloud computing. It is especially helpful for protecting sensitive or confidential information, enhancing consumer trust, clarifying the legal situation in cloud computing, and facilitating cross-border data transfers. I will also talk about some of the innovative technical solutions that we are developing in HP Labs to enhance privacy in the cloud.


Speaker Bio


Siani Pearson is a senior researcher in the Cloud and Security Research Lab (HP Labs Bristol, UK), HP's major European long term applied research centre. She has an MA in Mathematics and Philosophy from Oxford and a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from Edinburgh. She was a Fellow at the Computer Lab in Cambridge University, and for the last 17 years has worked at HP Labs in a variety of research and development programs including collaborations with HP business units and EU PRIME (Privacy and Identity Management for Europe) project.


Siani's current research focus is on privacy enhancing technologies, accountability and the cloud.  She is a technical lead on regulatory compliance projects with HP Privacy Office and HP Enterprise Services, and on the collaborative TSB-funded EnCoRe (Ensuring Consent and Revocation) project.