Herbert Kindermann, CEO Metasonic AG, Germany


"Empowering process participants - the way to a truly agile business process management"



Short bio:


Since August 2009, Herbert Kindermann, has been the sole member of the Executive Board and CEO of Metasonic AG and responsible for all operative units, from marketing to software development. Kindermann focus on the company's customer orientation and the internationalization of sales and services around Metasonic® Suite. Before joining Metasonic in June 2007 as a member of the board of directors, Herbert held the position of a Member of the Executive Board at IDS Scheer with responsibility for all international business of the IDS Scheer AG. Previously, Herbert held various positions at COMSOFT GmbH (project manager, department manager and building up the SAP consulting business), IBCS S.A. (founder and CEO, building up business with subsidiaries in Germany, Czech Republic and Slovakia). In the beginning of the year 2000, IBCS became a member of the IDS Scheer group, taking over business responsibility for the region of Central and Eastern Europe. In 2003 Herbert Kindermann became a Member of the Extended Board of IDS Scheer AG.



Business process management (BPM) is widely adapted in large and mid-sized companies. While the focus is shifting more and more from the modelling of business processes for documentation reasons towards IT-backed business process support for the end-users there are still some open spots to consider to bring real business process management to the business departments of those companies. Herbert Kindermann will shed some light on current tool support for business process participants with respect to BPM, the actual needs of the business departments, the gap in between and how current technologies and trends, like a strong focus on KPIs, semantically enabled user interfaces, big data analytics, gamification and flexible workflow technology could lead to fundamental organizational changes and provide more enterprise agility in the future.