Domenico Saccà, University of Calabria, Italy


"Mining and Posting Big Data on the Web to add value to information contents" (2014)


Short bio:


Domenico Saccà ( is full professor of Computer Engineering at the University of Calabria since 1987 and he is presently chairing the School of Computer Engineering at that university.


Since 2009 he is also President of the Computing and Telecommunication Competence Center ICT-SUD, operating in five regions of Southern Italy: Calabria, Campania, Puglia, Sardegna and Sicilia.


From January 2002 to January 2009, he was Director of the CNR (the Italian National Research Council) Research Institute ICAR (Institute for High Performance Computing and Networking), located in Rende (CS) and branches in Naples and Palermo. Previously, from 1995 on, he was director of the CNR ISI (Institute on System and Computer Sciences).

In the past he was visiting scientist at IBM Laboratory of San Jose, at the Computer Science Department of UCLA and at the ICSI Institute of Berkeley; moreover, he was scientific consultant of MCC, Austin and manager of the Research Division of CRAI (a research institute in southern Italy).

His current research interests focus on advanced issues of databases such as: data and process mining, inverse data mining, data warehousing and OLAP on distributed platforms, compressed representation of datacubes, database query languages. Recently he has started some research activities on cyber security topics such as protection of systems, services and end users as well as on privacy issues.

His list of publications contains more than 200 papers on journals (including Journal of the ACM, SIAM Journal on Computing, ACM Transactions on Database Systems, Theoretical Computer Science, IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, VLDB Journal, Information Systems, ACM Transactions on Knowledge Discovery from Data) and on proceedings of international conferences.

He has been member of the program committees of several international conferences and director of international schools and seminars.




Mining and Posting Big Data on the Web to add value to information contents


A multi-dimensional view of WEB Search is first presented to substantiate the speaker’s position: a powerful search needs enriched information, which is  to be published with additional discovered attributes (hidden dimensions).
Some classical DB theory tools (e.g., Data exchange and DATALOG) can be re-considered as powerful frameworks for creating multi-dimensional views for their flexible search without having to fight with SQL syntax.
Data mining can be used not only for discovering knowledge from WEB data but also for adding value to data to be published on the WEB.
An ambitious goal is to combine the strengths of both SQL and NOSQL approaches: the structural approach of SQL to enrich documents and the “unstructured” approach of NOSQL to free the search from join harassment and to enable scalable performance.