Camera-Ready Instructions Conference Papers



Accepted Full Papers and Short Papers ONLY

OTM full papers and short papers will appear in a single Springer Verlag LNCS proceedings.
Posters and workshop papers will appear in a separate Springer Verlag proceedings.


For OTM Conference Posters and OTM Workshops camera-ready instructions, please click here.

Authors MUST follow carefully ALL the steps below when submitting their camera ready paper. Failure to follow these instructions could result in your paper not being published.


Step 1: Camera Ready Preparation

Full papers and short papers will appear in the final proceedings and must follow the Springer Verlag format. Templates can be downloaded from:

  • Full papers should not exceed 18 pages in length.  At most 2 additional pages are allowed at a cost of 100.00 Euro per extra page. The payment should be included with the registration.
  • Short papers should not exceed 8 pages in length.  At most 2 additional pages are allowed at a cost of 100.00 Euro per extra page. The payment should be included with the registration.
  • Important: Page numbers and page headers must not be included in your camera-ready submission.

Step 2: Signed copyright form

The form can be found at

For full and short papers:

  • The volume editor should be filled in as : "R. Meersman, H. Panetto et al."
  • The Conference/Books field should be filled in as : "OTM 2018 Conferences"
  • The form should be submitted electronically as a PDF file. The file MUST be named 'cf.pdf' and must be included in 2 places as stated below.

Step 3: Submission of Camera Ready

Deadline: Aug 30

CR submissions consist of 2 main items:  

  • ZIP file containing the camera-ready package
  • Completed copyright form (electronic version)

Camera ready package in the form of a ZIP file MUST contain ALL of the following:

  • The final PDF file of the camera-ready paper. - The file MUST be named 'cr.pdf'.
  • Source of the PDF file,
If prepared in LaTeX -
all source files, e.g. TeX files and EPS files for the figures, fonts, Springer template, etc. (We should be able to build the PDF file from the sources in the zip file without needing any other files);
If prepared using a word processor other than LaTeX -
a RTF version of your paper.
Any style files, templates, and any special fonts used
Please make sure that there is only one set of source files and pdf files per paper per zip file. Any older versions of papers should on no account be sent to us.  
  • A copy of the copyright form (named as cf.pdf) should be included in the zip file.
  • All files must be placed in the root directory of the zip file, i.e. files should not be placed in folders
  • Important: If any file specified above is missing in the zip file, if we cannot build the pdf from the source contained in it or if the filenames aren't the way mentioned above, we will be compelled to withdraw the paper out of the proceedings. We will not have time to contact you for a second submission or corrections as we are on a very tight deadline with the publishers. Therefore please double check all of the above before submission.

Submitting the Camera-ready package and the Copyright form can be done through the same screen you uploaded your paper.

  • Submit your zip file through the 'Upload your paper' text box
  • Submit your copyright form through the 'Upload copyright form' text box
  • Please make sure ZIP is selected as the paper format
  • Please submit both the zip file and copyright form together in a single submit.
  • Important: Please double check the title of the paper, the author names, affiliations and the order of author names specified on the form once again. Make sure that they are properly and correctly mentioned. These will be directly picked to prepare the proceedings and any mistakes in spellings or mismatches to what is there on the actual paper will NOT be corrected by us manually. Please refrain from emailing us the camera-ready versions as it is imperative that the submissions have to go through the system in order for the automatic processes to work.


Step 4: Register to the Conference

Registration deadline: Aug 30, 2018

For papers to be included in the proceedings, one of the co-authors must register to the conference.
It is also a requirement for one of the co-authors to present at the conference.

Any questions regarding registration should be directed to : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.