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This 16th edition of OnTheMove (OTM 2017) as before is a uniquely federated event composed of three interrelated yet complementary scientific conferences that together attempt to span a relevant range of the advanced research on, and cutting-edge development and application of, information handling and systems in the wider current context of ubiquitous distributed computing.
The three conferences seek exclusively original submissions that cover scientific aspects of fundamental theories, methodologies, architectures, and emergent technologies, as well as their adoption and application in enterprises and their impact on societally relevant IT issues.


  • CoopIS'17, Cooperative Information Systems, our flagship event in its 25th edition since its inception in 1993, invites fundamental contributions on principles and applications of distributed and collaborative computing in the broadest scientific sense in workflows of networked organizations, enterprises, governments, or just communities;
  • C&TC'17 (Cloud and Trusted Computing '17), is the successor of DOA (Distributed Object Applications) and focuses on critical aspects of virtual infrastructure for cloud computing, specifically spanning issues of trust, reputation, and security;
  • ODBASE'17, Ontologies, Databases and Applications of SEmantics covers the fundamental study of structured and semi-structured data, including linked [open] data and big data, and the meaning of such data as is needed for today's databases; as well as the role of data and semantics in design methodologies and new applications of databases.

Unlike mere multi-conferences these three federated conferences join in their respective approaches to advance the state of the art in science and industry, and have in common the rigorous scientific study of the inherently distributed, pervasive and ubiquitous nature of modern computing systems both physical and virtual.

The conferences also share at least three critical research vectors, yet typically cover them differently. They are (1) theory —e.g. study of underlying scientific formalisms; (2) linking to a conceptual level —e.g. meaningful methodology or semantic interpretation of issues; and (3) fundamental study of applicability for specific uses (e.g. proofs of concept, case studies and industrial best practices). Note all federated  events of OnTheMove, including its workshops, are expressions of the shared powerful effects of the technology- and application-pull created by the Web, it obviously being the world's most evident distributed computing environment. Contributions that describe, illustrate or exploit the emergent synergies are therefore especially welcome.

The inevitable resulting “cross-pollination” is intentional and in fact stimulated. To help achieve this OnTheMove 2017 will as always offer a program of well-known and representative keynote speakers, that is open to all participants of all events. This includes participants of our parallel program of evolving incubator-style workshops that cover emerging areas related to the context at large of distributed IT and all its aspects and applications.
For 2017 a number of broadly interacting themes have been identified; submissions w.r.t. these themes are encouraged therefore to carefully position themselves as these will likely be individually emphasized by the respective component conferences:
   * Mobile aspects of secure computing in general as a basis for trusted use of Cloud-based IS
   * Infrastructure and semantics for big data and the internet in general
   * Role of community-driven, semantics-based business intelligence in cooperative IS
   * Implementation and application of open innovation in ecosystems of organizations and enterprises

Furthermore, there is the recently added Industry Case Studies Program (ICSP), in which successful submitters may use OnTheMove as the forum for presenting cutting-edge applications of distributed computing, receiving analysis and critique by the attending scientific community. Selection of these short contributions (typically just 4 pages) is principally done on relevance and originality of approach rather than on scientific rigour.

Last but most certainly not least we also like to draw attention to our OTM Academy, a unique and specially developed comprehensive program for PhD students (and their advisors). This however is not your vanilla PhD student symposium! Accepted submissions under this program will enjoy a thorough and interactive critique of presentation, poster and paper about their PhD project by the OTMA Faculty —as well as a published contribution in our LNCS workshop proceedings. In the past, a few successfully finished Master’s projects on relevant and interesting topics have also been decided eligible. Successful accepted students receive an unlimited pass to all OnTheMove’17 events at strongly reduced rate and a special social program.


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