Pieter De Leenheer, Collibra, cofounder and Research & Education Officer


pieter"Data governance: the new imperative to democratize data science"


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Pieter De Leenheer is a cofounder of Collibra and leads the company’s Research & Education group, including the Collibra University, which offers a range of self-paced learning and certification courses to help data governance professionals and data citizens gain new skills and expertise. Prior to co-founding the company, Pieter was a professor at VU University of Amsterdam. Today he still serves as adjunct professor at Columbia University in the City of New York and as visiting scholar at several universities across the globe including UC San Diego and Stanford.





We live in the age of abundant data. Through technology, more data is available, and the processing of that data easier and cheaper than ever before. Data science emerged from an unparalleled fascination to empirically understand and predict societies businesses and markets. Yet there is an understated risk inherent to democratizing data science such as data spills, cost of data exploration, and blind trust in unregulated, incontestable and oblique models. In their journey to unlock competitive advantage and maximize value from the application of big data, it is vital that data leaders find the right balance between value creation and risk exposure. To realize the true value of this wealth of data, data leaders must not act impulsively, but rethink assumptions, processes, and approaches to managing, governing, and stewarding that data. And to succeed, they must deliver credible, coherent, and trustworthy data and data access clearing mechanisms for everyone who can use it. As data becomes the most valuable resource, data governance delivers a imperative certification for any business to trust one another,  but also increasingly sets a precondition for any citizen to engage in a trustworthy and endurable relationship with a company or government.





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Pieter De Leenheer, Collibra, cofounder and Research & Education Officer

"Data governance: the new imperative to democratize data science"
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