Harold Boley, University of New Brunswick, Canada


boley"Port Clearance Rules in PSOA RuleML: From Controlled-English Regulation to Object-Relational Logic"



Gen Zou and Harold Boley, University of New Brunswick, Canada


Short bios:


Gen Zou is a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Computer Science at the University of New Brunswick, Canada. His research interests include the overlapping areas of data & knowledge modeling, graph-relational interoperation, rule-based querying, as well as machine learning. His recent work is the foundation, implementation, and evaluation of the translation and execution framework PSOATransRun for Positional-Slotted Object-Applicative (PSOA) RuleML. In PSOA RuleML, knowledge bases integrate relational data as positional facts, graph data as object-centered attribute-value facts, and object-classification facts, as well as class subsumptions and rules for query-subquery reduction to facts. The instantiations of his PSOATransRun framework translate a PSOA knowledge base to intermediate languages, TPTP and ISO Prolog, executed via translated queries. The translators designed and implemented by him consist of transformation modules reusable across all instantiations and a conversion module specific to the targeted execution environment such as Prolog. He also evaluated PSOATransRun with a test suite and use cases including PortClearanceRules.

Dr. Harold Boley is adjunct professor at the Faculty of Computer Science, University of New Brunswick, Canada, and chair of RuleML Inc. His work on Declarative Specification, Programming, and AI includes leading the development of the RuleML 1.02 system of families of languages. RuleML has been combined with OWL to SWRL, has become the main input to the W3C Recommendation RIF, and has provided the foundation for OASIS LegalRuleML Core Specification Version 1.0. Two of his projects in data-plus-knowledge representation are the object-relational PSOA RuleML and the visualization framework Grailog. He recently contributed to related efforts at the Stanford Logic Group, CSLI, and SRI.






The Decision Management (DM) Community Challenge of March 2016 consisted of creating decision models from ten English Port Clearance Rules inspired by the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code. Based on an analysis of the moderately controlled English rules and current online solutions, we formalized the rules in Positional-Slotted, Object-Applicative (PSOA) RuleML. This resulted in: (1) a reordering, subgrouping, and explanation of the original rules on the specialized decision-model expressiveness level of (deontically contextualized) near-Datalog, non-recursive, near-deterministic, ground-queried, and non-subpredicating rules; (2) an object-relational PSOA RuleML rulebase which was complemented by facts to form a knowledge base queried in PSOATransRun for decision-making. Thus, the DM and logical formalizations get connected, which leads to generalized decision models with Hornlog, recursive, non-deterministic, non-ground-queried, and subpredicating rules.

The tutorial will:
•    Bridge between the Decision Management, RuleML, and OTM Communities
•    Explain rules for a harbor security use case, leading to Cyber Physical Systems
•    Exemplify the Pragmatic Semantic Web by prohibiting certain ship types to enter a harbor
•    Provide a hands-on demo with audience-driven queries of the Object-Relational Decision Model
•    Recommend models using generalized rule (and ontology) expressivity in PSOA RuleML





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